iBomber Attack – New From Cobra

iBomber Attack – New From Cobra

Cobra’s iBomber franchise is has achieved many glorious – and bloody – victories in recent years.  From the original iBomber, to the tower defence blitzkrieg of the iBomber Defense titles, the series has gone from strength to strength, impressing players with their simple, intuitive controls and the sheer amount of stuff you get to blow up.

Now Cobra has seized the high ground once more, with the launch of iBomber Attack and brand new title, which takes the iBomber family onto the front line of intense combat action that makes, say, Call of Duty look like Ecco The Dolphin.

iBomber Attack is a top-down dual-stick shooter.  The player is given a fairly ferocious and kick ass tank and tasked to blow the bejesus out of everything.  Missions include taking out key military installations and herds, flocks and shoals of enemy soldiers throw themselves heedlessly under the guns – and tracks – of the relentless metal vehicle of destruction.

We played an early version of the game on an iPad and within 60 seconds were cackling like a despotic dictator launching an unprovoked attack against an unguarded orphanage (or in the interests of balance, cooly ordering a drone strike against the group of bearded gentlemen who are ‘looking at the satellite funny’).

In short, it’s fun.  The controls are simple, intuitive and work very nicely.  The tank has a real feeling of weight and solidity, but can still spin of a sixpence and zoom around the landscape like a heavily modified Citroen Saxo.

iBomber Attack is OUT NOW for both iOS, priced at a Happy Shopper style £1.99/$2.99, rather than a Pentagon-friendly $79,000,000.

It’s also available on STEAM and until 08/11/2012, the games has a staggering 25% off the full price of £4.99.  That’s £3.74 for the non-Alan-Turing-Enigma-cracking-code types out there.

You can follow Cobra Mobile on Twitter or carry out covert surveillance on the company using Facebook.

As usual, Cobra has pulled out all the stops with its marketing material and press kit.  There are logos, screenshots and even videos – both official and unofficial.  The official one is at the top of this article, however a keen fan and meme-aware player has helped out with a more striking and dramatic video, which portrays the excitement with which the games was anticipated in the last days of WWII…

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