Twiddly Tilts & Sprouts For Five

Twiddly Tilts & Sprouts For Five

Ladies and gentlemen, please say hello to a new member of the Scottishgames social collective of awesomeness.  Twiddly is an Edinburgh-based development studio, creating games for mobile.

Their first game, Tilt & Sprout has just been updated to support Apple’s sleek, shiny and geo-bewildered iPhone 5.  They’re also the people behind our rather lovely new banner for the website & Facebook group.

Tilt & Sprout is a lovely little title in which the player takes the role of a seed.  Yes, a tiny life-bearing nugget of natural wonder, which give rise to flowers, plants, trees, fruits, vegetables, hedges, shrubbery, ferns and weeds.

The game uses the accelerometer and tilt mechanism, allowing the tiny seed to grow towards the warm summer run, nourishing rain and sweet, fresh air of the surface.  On the way, the tiny shoot must avoid rocks, fossils, buried junk and the corpses of eager yet unwise bloggers who have recently upset the government and, more disturbingly, the local 800lb gorilla of games development and who hasn’t been seen in public for a couple of weeks (even their blog updates are less interesting and not writed as well as they used to be.  Hmmm…)

If the ambitious sapling reaches the sun, the a glorious plant can grow and points are dished out lavishly.  Players can even aim for power ups and give themselves even more points and plant power, if they’re nimble, dextrous and willing to think like a potato.  But a potato with plans.  An aspirational spud who one day can do more than accompany dinner or achieve fluffy butter-enriched perfection.

It’s fun.  It’s simple.  The graphics are sweet, pretty and colourful.  Even you, Mr-big-shot, will gurgle and coo at the happy plants, tweeting bird and celebration of mother nature in all her splendour.

We’d like to welcome Twiddly to the fun (and games).  They’re now an OFFICIAL part of the Scottishgames family, having been included in the hyperdense and exponentially comprehensive Scottishgames Company Directory.

Tilt & Sprout is OUT NOW for your favourite iOS device, for the deliciously reasonable price of £0.69 (99¢).

You can find the company online.  Like the game on Facebook or follow it on the Twitters.

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