Dare Winners Release First Title For Windows Mobile

Dare Winners Release First Title For Windows Mobile

Angry Mango, the team behind the Dare to be Digital and BAFTA-award winning title, Mush has launched today, exclusively for Windows mobile phones. Mush offers an original blend of physics based gameplay, coupled with touch and tilt controls.

Players must navigate a complex, but charming cartoon world by tilting the phone and making Mush rise and fall by drawing smiley or frowny faces on the screen.  The Angry Mango team were competitors in the 2011 Dare to be Digital competition, which takes place in Dundee.  Teams have only nine weeks to take a concept through to prototype before having to show it off, in public, to an audience of thousands.

The winning teams from Dare to be Digital are then automatically entered into the BAFTA Ones To Watch award, which was created specifically for the games and teams emerging from the Dare competition.  Awards are handed out during the BAFTA Games ceremony.

It’s rather prestigious.  Angry Mango won last year’s Ones To Watch award.

Now the game is OUT.  Today.  On the Windows Phone Marketplace.  Angry Mango have even given an interview to the Guardian’s excellent Gamesblog, outlining five important lessons they’ve learned while designing, developing and publishing Mush.

You can find Mush online, on Twitter and on Facebook.  If you have a Windows phone, then go buy it and tell us what you think.

While we’ve got your attention, Angry Mango also deserve congratulations on one of the best press kits we’ve seen for a mobile game.  It makes most of their professional competitors efforts looks positively shoddy and lacklustre (or more accurately ‘non existant’).  Well done guys.  The only things missing are a team/company logo and maybe a couple of quotes…

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