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  1. 06/01/16

    Company: Krotos Ltd

    Role: Game Audio Programmer

    Location: Edinburgh


    Want to be part of a dynamic team creating cutting edge audio tools? At Krotos, we work with some of the top companies in the audio and games industries, worldwide. We are driven to create mind-blowing and exciting software that will define audio workflows for years to come. We are a small team looking for talented and committed individuals to be part of a growing business.

    We are looking to employ a game audio programmer on a full-time basis.


    Design, implement, debug and support audio software and tools for various platforms.

    Required Skills

    • A degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience
    • C++/C# object oriented software design skills
    • Strong maths skills
    • Game development experience on PC and Next Gen Consoles
    • 2+ Years of professional experience
    • Experience on at least one commercially released game title
    • Understanding of Next Gen audio pipelines and optimisation
    • Experience with third party audio middleware such as Wwise and FMOD
    • Ability to problem solve effectively and produce timely project results
    • Must have a keen understanding of game audio systems and a passion to improve the quality of the end user experience
    • A passion for making top quality audio tools

    Desired Skills

    • Experience in sound design or audio engineering.
    • Knowledge of techniques including convolution, pitch shifting and granular synthesis
    • Knowledge of procedural audio techniques


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