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Visible Ink Television Ltd

The world of performance capture and precise positioning is about to change,  and we are expanding the team.

The Background.

MoPaCT is a novel technology that marshals motion / performance capture and image recognition technologies. All are managed by our patented core-implementation in order to animate and position a character within live augmented video  precisely to within a few pixels.

This renders  a game-changing reduction in the cost. Television series like Dr Who, Game of Thrones etc.  is a projected market.

In other words, MoPaCt can semi-automatically  re-skin a live (stand-in) actor real time as he or she continues to act with all others. The kinetic and position data pass directly to the composite / edit immediately  or later.

No green screen, no multiplex of additional special cameras, no rotoscope. It’s a very clean and spontaneous system.

The kinetic information is  derived from a standard suit and  positioning  from a single production camera anywhere.

The Next Phase. The Rudimentary Demonstrator.

We now have second-round funding and are looking for a talented programmer to join the team as we take the present proof-of-concept (PoC) forward to a more robust simple demonstrator.

Currently the  PoC is built around industry standard Motion Builder  with C++ PlugIns. We are now looking to jump platforms to either UnReal or Unity to match all the concept requirements.

We are fairly agnostic at this stage about which of these we go forward with – we would consider the choice of platform  at application/interview – a strong candidate with a strong, justified preference will be listened to earnestly.

The PoC was coded by an external contractor, and they’ll be available during this demonstrator building phase for guidance as needed and staged code reviews.

The Candidate and The Initial Duration.

We are looking for a freelance games-engine programmer for an initial six-months spanning the building of this new demonstrator.Candidates must be UK based, preferably in Scotland.

Further funding is being sought to continue R&D onwards to a fully featured MVP and beyond.

Years of commercial experience can sometimes be a poor indicator of ability and in our sphere relative novices can and often do shine so we are not giving a bracket in this respect – of course, given this, it is paramount that candidates provide references for the previous 3 years to date, whatever they’ve been up to.

Please contact Martin Fisher,  CEO Visible Ink Television Ltd through the email  address given, for more information .


To apply for this job email your details to

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