Team Lead AI Developer

Team Lead AI Developer

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A unique opportunity for an experienced AI Developer to work at one of the leading AI companies in the video game industry. Full-time position with options for remote and flexible working.

Are you interested in joining a team working on one of the foremost technologies in the video game industry today? Our middleware, Kythera AI, is the most advanced end-to-end AI solution on the market, supporting multiple major game engines. We work side by side with studios, ranging from independent to AAA in a broad range of genres, to support the development of their title and AI features.

You must be a highly skilled and experienced software engineer with a passion for well factored, maintainable code, excellent technical problem-solving skills, a strong understanding of low-level programming and performance concerns, and the organizational and management skills required to provide technical leadership to a diverse team of engineers.

If you are interested in developing the cutting edge of video game technology, engaging with a wide range of projects and clients from all over the world, and working with a team that prioritizes diversity and the wellbeing of every team member, then please send us an application.


Your duties will include:

  • Leading a team of 3-5 AI developers
  • Supporting your team members in their development and growth
  • Designing and developing new features for the Kythera AI middleware
  • Working closely with customers to develop features to fit their needs, resolve their problems, and assist in integrating and making the most out of Kythera
  • Prioritizing and planning tasks for your team
  • Sharing relevant knowledge to the rest of the company through documentation and discussion
  • Building and managing relationships with industry partners
  • Investigating and resolving bugs and performance issues

Required skills:

  • Experience with common game AI systems (behaviour trees, navigation meshes, etc)
  • Strong knowledge of, and experience of programming in C++
  • A passion for high quality, well-factored, maintainable, reusable code
  • Confident math skills, in particular vector math and trigonometry
  • Good communication skills, including written and spoken English language skills
  • Good organizational skills
  • Good interpersonal skills

Experience that will aid success:

  • Team management
  • Shipped video games
  • Unreal, Unity, O3DE/Lumberyard, or custom game engines
  • Profiling and optimizing high performance code with tools like Visual Studio or VTune
  • Ability to debug and fix issues in big and unfamiliar codebases
  • Working with external customers or 3rd parties
  • Visual Studio development
  • Development on Android, iOS, Linux, or game consoles
  • Knowledge of common C++ software development tools like cmake, clang-format
  • Experience with unit testing and other forms of automated testing
  • Knowledge of version control systems like git, subversion, Perforce, or Plastic SCM

Why work at Kythera AI?

  • Flexible, accommodating work structure when you need it
  • Tight-knit teams
  • No crunch culture
  • An emphasis on both mental and physical wellbeing in the workplace
  • Varied and exciting projects
  • Lots of exciting social events
  • Two-way communicative management
  • Access to training
  • Opportunity to travel with work

Helping you achieve your potential is a priority!

At Kythera AI, we are committed to providing a safe, innovative, and inspiring working environment for every member of staff. Diverse backgrounds lead to better technology, more efficient development, and better decision-making and management.  So if you are from an under-represented group, we strongly encourage you to apply! To learn more about what we are doing to improve inclusion and representation please read our equity, diversity, and inclusion statement.

How to apply

If you would like to be considered for one of our roles we need you to send us:

  • A brief explanation of why you are interested
  • Your CV
  • Your availability

Send us the material all together in an email to

We will get back to you to explain the next steps or to give brief feedback on your application.

Start date: ASAP

To apply for this job email your details to

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