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Why HLG?

For many games developers at your level in the industry, having a desire to improve both inside and outside work is a key and motivating factor and Hyper Luminal Games are here to help. It’s important that any studio environment embraces progression for you to grow and understands the required learning that meets that progression. Hyper Luminal will tailor your learning.

Equally the work and the projects need to be engaging and fun, development and creativity are the essence of having fun. We don’t stifle creativity; in fact, we continuously encourage it. You won’t be working in a cubicle and there’s no expectation of silence, engage and interact as much as you like!

We are in the business of creating great content and making a difference with every project we work on, whether it’s Work for Hire, or our own original I.P. Part of this is knowing that as a team member you will be recognised for your skill and effort, and within a culture of ‘praise’ that means coming to work is more than just earning money.

You’ll have the opportunity to work with the latest technologies, ensuring the applications delivered on time, within budget and to the highest possible quality. You’ll have the capability to influence the choice and extent of processes, procedures and projects. You’ll be responsible for delivering expertly crafted schedules, managing project operations and communicating with clients & partners within various contexts across the business.

You are encouraged to be as good as you can be and there are systems in place within the studio to support you to do just that. Incremental improvement is our aim and all team members are involved in what and how that evolves.

If this feels like a place where you can thrive and grow, with the team, the projects and the studio, then apply for this position and let’s explore working together!

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  • 3+ years’ experience as a Producer, Project Manager or Lead Role in the video game industry.
  • You’ve been involved in at least two projects that have been delivered.
  • Experience in using project management software
  • You have been responsible for scheduling tasks and planning sprints for mixed discipline teams.
  • You’re used to leading and facilitating discussion across the team and with project stakeholders.
  • You’ve worked on projects that involved external partners (clients, publishers, etc).


  • You have experience in a public-facing role– dealing with the press, attending events and giving demonstrations.
  • You’ve worked on projects across games consoles, PC and mobile.
  • Experience using JIRA, Confluence and the Google Office suite.

Skills and Abilities

  • An excellent attention to detail and accuracy
  • Excellent organisation skills.
  • A concise, clear and confident speaker and writer.
  • A positive leadership influence on the team – inspire and encourage the team to achieve the highest possible standards of performance.
  • A calm, patient and diplomatic demeanour that helps put the team at ease and deflects external pressures, giving them a relaxed environment where they can do their best work.
  • You are an excellent problem solver, able to identify potential issues before they occur and coming up with creative solutions.
  • You are empathetic – you attempt to understand problems objectively, listening and considering all perspectives.
  • You can give excellent feedback to the team in a form that is clear and actionable.
  • An excellent understanding of project management software and the ability to communicate the data produced to less experienced users.
  • You know what it takes to make a game, with a keen understanding of the different disciplines involved and how they work together.

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