Software Developer (Unity)

Software Developer (Unity)

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VR for autism

Changingday is a newly established company set up to deliver VR games designed for autistic people. As a Developer on our team, you will have responsibility for developing game features and picking up other assigned development tasks. This is a mid-level position, with prior relevant industry experience expected, a strong general technical background, and good existing knowledge of our primary development platforms and technologies, in particular Unity (C#).


Core Responsibilities

As a Developer you will have a range of key responsibilities, including:

  • Take on responsibility for assigned technical tasks, such as development of game features, fixing bugs, etc.
  • Consider complex technical implementation challenges, and construct well thought-out and logical solutions.
  • Produce well written, comprehensively documented, functional, readable and maintainable code.
  • Consistently follow and maintain established team processes and standards, as directed by the Technical Lead. This includes consistency around project structure, code style, documentation, usage of source control, etc.
  • Work with the Technical Lead in planning out application architecture and implementation of core features.
  • Implement user interfaces in Unity, with hand-off of design assets from the UI/UX Designer.
  • Contribute to implementing other game aspects in engine, in collaboration with artists where applicable, such as in-engine animation, particle effects, etc.
  • Effectively manage time in line with tasks and priorities assigned by the Technical Lead, clearly communicating progress and concerns.
  • Remain flexible in terms of challenges and responsibilities which may evolve as required by different projects.


Expected Qualifications & Experience

Prior industry experience delivering relevant interactive and preferably game projects is essential. While there can be some flexibility providing experience and expertise is demonstrated with an exceptionally strong portfolio of work, as guidance the following would generally be expected at a minimum:

  • Degree qualification in a relevant field – Game Development, Software Development / Engineering, Computer Science, or similar.
  • Minimum 2-3 years industry experience.
  • Strong prior experience working with our core technologies.
  • A proven track record of delivering well built, polished work, to schedule. Preferably having worked on at least one game project through the development to release cycle.



  • Prior experience developing interactive applications, preferably games, with Unity.
  • Experience developing game features within Unity using C#. Strong familiarity with object-oriented programming principles, and good practice for developing within Unity.
  • Have a strong working knowledge of and be comfortable working with all key engine features, including: level building; scripting; lighting; animation; particle systems; asset packages and plugins; prefabs; video and audio setup; UI implementation; cross-platform development; optimisation techniques; profiling and debugging.
  • Prior experience developing VR applications is a big bonus. At minimum a strong enthusiasm for XR technologies and their compatibilities is essential.
  • Proficient in the use of source control, specifically Git with LFS.
  • Strong problem solving skills, responding to difficult challenges with enthusiasm.
  • Well organised with an attention to detail; capable of carefully planning out your work and rigorously following team standards. Highly motivated and self-disciplined; capable of managing your time well and meeting deadlines.
  • A professional attitude, experience and ability to work well with a team, to communicate your ideas and progress clearly, and work effectively with guidance and direction from your lead.



To apply, please attach your CV to your cover letter, and provide links to any examples of past work you would like to include.

Note that while we will offer flexibility around remote working, and are currently working fully-remote under COVID-19 restrictions, some aspects of the project will require a degree of working in our physical office space longer term, and so we are looking for people to apply for this role who are within commuting distance of Glasgow or willing to relocate.

Please no recruiters.

To apply for this job please visit

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