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Coming Q3 2022 The First Ever Games Week Scotland

The Scottish Games Network is delighted to announce that a brand new event, which we are calling Games Week Scotland, will be taking place in Q3 2022 – and we need your help to make it something special.


Scottish Games Week will be a new event, taking place in cities around Scotland, which will enable the entire games ecosystem to:

  • Meet and network with peers and colleagues
  • Showcase their work to potential global funders and publishers
  • Learn from industry leaders (including – world exclusive – Rockstar Games)
  • Create a forum for industry and academia to make strategic plans for greater collaboration
  • Provide educational opportunities for Scotland’s government, public sector, digital technology and creative industries to learn from the tools, technologies and techniques being pioneered in the global games sector.
  • Source new talent, and fill vacancies
  • Provide a global showcase event celebrating the whole games ecosystem in Scotland via online and virtual events within the wider programme (incorporating the first ever Scottish games awards)
  • Create a platform for a global audience to engage with interactive content created in Scotland – showcase, a game creation programme, game studies showcase, and online platform of content from Scotland.

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We are proposing that Games Week Scotland will take place in quarter three (Q3) 2022 (June – September).


Games Week Scotland will take place in venues across the whole country, from the central belt cities, to the north and south of the country. We are aiming to have hybrid events wherever possible, which will not only enable and encourage networking, but will allow a global audience to join in.


Our goal is to work with as many of the groups, organisations, universities, colleges, projects, programmes and pioneers across Scotland as we can to produce a world class programme and truly valuable event.


Scotland’s games ecosystem is far broader and more diverse than any gives it credit for. As well as multiple creative and technically talented studios, which have won multiple awards for their work, the sector has incredible work being done in game studies, pioneering projects in applied games for healthcare, education and culture, amazing esports events, and innovative thinkers, creators and developers.

However, very few people know how rich, complex and creative the games ecosystem is and rarely get a chance to meet those involved. Games Week Scotland aims to change all of this and showcase the whole of Scotland’s games community.


We plan to have a whole range of events which involve different elements of the games ecosystem and for different audiences. We plan to have industry facing events, which will enable the games companies in Scotland to find new talent, access funding and meet publishers. We aim to have events which will bring industry, academia and education together. We will create events which enable other key sectors from Scotland’s digital and creative industries to learn more about the games ecosystem and open up new opportunities for collaboration. We hope to have events which highlight and celebrate the creative, unusual and ground-breaking work being carried out across the country and showcase it to a global audience.

We’ll round the whole week off with the first ever Scottish Games Awards – because we need to shout about the amazing people and projects working across the country.

Get Involved

We want to hear from everyone involved in games in Scotland. We need partners, we need cordinators, we need ideas.

If there’s a speaker you’ve always wanted to hear from, a topic you’ve always wondered about, or someone involved in games you think we need to include, we’d love to hear from you.

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Supported By STER

Games Week Scotland

Games Week Scotland is supported by the Scottish Government Ecosystem Fund in connection with the Scottish Technology Ecosystem Review.

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