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If you’d like to be listed on the SGN Freelance Directory, e-mail us your name, online presence, portfolio site(s), social channels and preferred contact point, along with a 1-2 line description of the services you offer and a logo or photo.



Too Many Cookes Music (Mick Cooke)

A BAFTA-winning composer who has provided music for international animated series Zack & Quack, Bitz & Bob, and Boj. Before this, Mick toured the world for fifteen years as the trumpeter and bassist of BRIT Award winning indie rock band, Belle & Sebastian. Mick has also composed for several apps including a Mr. Tumble CBeebies Playtime app produced by Chunk. Specialties: quirky music, bespoke underscore, songwriting and production.

His musical talent, scoring and songwriting ability, professionalism and general high spirit, left a lasting mark on the show. I have no doubt that Mick and I will continue to collaborate for years to come!” – Gili Dolev, Co-creator and Supervising Director, Zack & Quack

Great results, personable, expert, on time, high integrity and creative – Mick ticks all the boxes! We can’t wait to work with him again.” – Claire Underwood, Co-creator and Director, Boj

Online | Email | LinkedIn | Twitter

Fraser Maitland

Fraser MaitlandAn award winning music composer and producer, based in Scotland, commissions ranging from international videogame titles to live orchestral works for feature film and television (including recent prime-time BBC / PBS series’ for Worldwide distribution).

Experience of both industry standard – and purpose-built – audio implementation software.

Online | Email | Vimeo | LinkedIn

Matthew Errington

FB_IMG_1505788024362I’m a music composer and sound designer based in Edinburgh with over ten years experience in production, composition and foley recording.

I also have implementation experience using Wwise and FMOD for interactive audio. I offer competitive rates and am always looking for interesting projects to take part in.

Online | Email | Twitter


Donna McAvoy



I’m a 2D animator and motion designer – I create content for games, TV shows and the web including:

Character animation – Illustration – Motion graphics

Games & Apps – Explainer videos – Social content

I’m always open to working with new collaborators and clients – if you have a project you’d like some help on, have any questions about my work, or just want to say hi, feel free to get in touch!

Online | Email | Instagram

Gordon Howie

Goggz logoI’m a freelance animator and motion designer based in Glasgow. I love telling stories with imagination, whimsical charm and colourful characters. Check out my portfolio for examples of my work and drop me a line if you’d like to collaborate 🙂

Online | Email | Instagram

Ioana Tibuleac

ioana-avatarI’m a freelance 3D artist based in Glasgow, specialising in character modelling and design.

I’m passionate about the design process and love seeing a character transform from a sketch to a fully realised model.

I have experience in creating both 2D and 3D assets for games and short films. Get in touch if you require my services or would like to discuss a brief.


Online | Email


1Monocool Interactive (Rhys Willis)

MONOCOOL have been involved in a variety of projects since 2015 but in more recent years we’ve been in a position to focus on our own original games while taking on the contract work that appeals to us most.

In 2019 we developed The Longest Kick on behalf of Appnin Studios and international footballer, Mesut Ozil and we’re currently in the middle of developing games for Food Standards Scotland as well as a number of our own projects.

If you are looking for a specialist in Serious Games, Educational Games or are looking for a team with unrivalled experience in a plethora of fields and an untraditional approach to game design and development, get in touch!

Online | Email | Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook

ReclaimerGamesLogo-d729594857eb0dcc8ca70e4b2f7e8a3aReclaimer Games (Joseph Rogers)

We’ve worked with clients in the social enterprise sector to create bespoke fresh interactive and educational experiences to a high level of satisfaction. Examples of previous work include an online and in-museum educational interactive for the Scottish Fisheries Museum and an engaging alternate-reality game ‘Seonadh’ set in both the real and digital worlds for Dundee based charity Dighty Connect. If you are looking to create a novel experience or bring an educational experience on-line to reach people and students at home please do get in touch!

Online | Email | Press Kit | Twitter


Shitao Fan

FB_IMG_1520088661875MSc Glasgow School of Art game design student with a specialism within interactive narrative game. Experienced within Level and VR Game Design, storytelling and interactive practice. Graduate from Uni of Liverpool with BA Architecture degree.

Published Out of the Game as Game Designer for concept, mechanic, art. Published on and Alpha Beta Gamer. The walkthrough video has received more than 10,000 views and positive comments on YouTube.

Currently pursuing the Placement Games Designer or Level Designer in Scotland.| Email | ArtStation | LinkedIn



AJF Web Design (Andrew French)

Interactive media and graphic design services including website design and development, business branding and logo design, graphic design for screen and print, 2D illustration, social media management and more.

Online | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram


Impunity Games (Jason Redway)

I am a digital media designer with 30 years industry experience working as an Artist/Animator in the games industry and as a freelancer. Fluent in all Adobe creative products and with 3DS Max.

10 Years experience with Unity as a developer both with coding and design. I can offer Graphic and Web design services along with Video Editing and VFX and of course game production with Unity.

Online | Unity Connect | YouTube | IMDB | MobyGames | Facebook

Interaction Design (UI/UX)

Innes White

InnestheticI am an Interaction Designer based in Dundee and Glasgow and I’m entering my final year of Interaction Design BA(Hons) at The Glasgow School of Art.

I have experience in a range of disciplines including 3D modelling, Game Design, and of course Interaction Design (UI/UX). Feel free to check out my portfolio to learn more!

I am open to all kinds of work, collaborations and even a chat so don’t be afraid to get in touch.

Online | Email |Instagram | LinkedIn


Trinity Heriot (Ewen Angus)

My name’s Ewen Angus and I’m a digital marketing consultant based in Edinburgh. I specialise in search engine optimisation, pay per click advertising and social media marketing for SME’s and start up businesses across Scotland.

Online | Email | LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook


Iain Lowson

IainLowson_Jan15_IMG_9867-2Writer in the games industry for about 14 years now. Worked in everything from AAA to indy, and quite a few places in between. Clients include Blazing Griffin, Midway Studios (Newcastle), Square Enix, Studio Gobo, Relentless, Natural Motion, BlueByte/Ubisoft.

I also write and direct films, and have written official Star Wars material for about 25 years. My LinkedIn profile (yeah, I know) is kept up to date. Even if I am listed as currently working for someone else, do feel free to reach out.


LinkedIn | Twitter| Email

John Houlihan

JHNarrative designer, script writer and editor for videogames projects.
I’ve written scripts, dialogue, character and mission design and worked on game bibles, world building and and pretty much every aspect of narrative video game and RPG tabletop design. Happy to discuss any & all projects, big, small and anywhere in between and particularly strong on fantasy, sci-fi and RPG worlds and scenarios.

Online | Email | Twitter | Facebook

Andrew McKissock

Andrew McKissock - profile picI’m a freelancer narrative designer currently looking for paid writing work in the industry. I have a Masters in Creative Writing and I’ve previously worked on the MMORPG ‘The Matrix Online’. I was responsible for developing stories and characters within the expanded Matrix universe as part of a story group who also helped run live events in game. I’m currently working on personal projects, experimenting in Twine and with visual novels through online game jams. I’m comfortable writing in screenplay format as well as prose and have recently been contributing feature articles to the website Game Freaks.

Online | Email | Twitter

Thomas Welsh

GL-TOM-AUTHOR-2Y9A6885I live in Glasgow and I’m a fantasy and sci fi author and a narrative designer. My award winning trilogy “Metiks Fade” is published by Owl Hollow Press. I have several short stories in print, and I’m the Lead Writer and Narrative Designer on “Cloudpunk”. I’ve also contributed to a few other titles like Industries of Titan, and my games writing has appeared in publications like Kotaku and Unwinnable Magazine. For my achievements in games writing, I was inducted into the fellowship of BAFTA. I’m a fan of Neil Gaiman, Ursula K. Le Guin, Roger Zelazny and dark fantasy stories where women save themselves!

Online | Email | Portfolio | Twitter

Video / Film Making / Photography

AJR - Facebook Pubic Figure - Cover PhotoAndrew John Rainnie

I am a writer, filmmaker, design and gamer. I’ve written a number of short and feature films as well as several novels, and I’m always looking to stretch into new genres such as games. I have worked for nearly a decade as a freelance games journalist as well, largely focusing on gaming crowding projects on Kickstarter etc, and have advised a few developers on their crowdfunding campaigns prior to launch.

On the filmmaking side, I run a small company called Rain Fire Films. We mostly do promotional videos for charity and music videos for up-and-coming bands and singers. We are open to taking on more clients and would love to collaborate with game designers on making promotional material for a game project, including trailers, social media content and documentary material.

Online | Email

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  1. I write ideas for games down, this won’t sound very appealing at first look, me not having a website but I don’t need one, so far I have 10 ideas for games all different and all unique. I keep adding to them based on feedback I get from telling my friends and I work on them and make them much better… That’s the thing though, they’re only ideas right now. I want to bring them into reality but I don’t have the money to support them I want to get hired as an intern so I can help write those ideas and make them a reality, I write stories as a pastime and I’m a very friendly character. I have 10 years of gaming under my belt, playing all sorts of games, flash games, app games indie games xbox games ds games game boy colour games, n64, real life games 🙂 played on many different platforms and I believe I know what makes a great game.


    1. I am in a similar position so I recently I travelled to GDC to talk to people in the industry and find out where I stood with this experience level. The overwhelming feedback I got was that you have to prove that you really do think about all this stuff all the time – you can’t just say it! I’m now working my game ideas into a (miniature) reality using Twine and polishing up all my mod plans. You should do the same thing!


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