Corner Shop


WELCOME ladies and gentlemen.  Welcome to the brand new (ok, recently updated) SHOP (Beta 0.9).  Many a long year ago we idly started designing a few fun and fairly geeky t-shirts, for an earlier incarnation of your favourite Scottishgaming website.

Like oh so many things, it fell by the wayside.  An early victim of the .com bubble, or merely spurned for being far too clever and stylish by half.

Now, however, it has returned.  Triumphantly.  With each and every shirt having been updated, tweaked and brought right slap BANG up to date to meet the changing and petulant demands of fashionistas and the fabulous.  Dahling.

Go Shopping

This is just PHASE 001 of our plans for the SG corner shop.  A very basic first step to see if it works.  It needs your input and feedback.  At the moment, every shirt is a basic gentleman’s garment.  Spreadshirt also provides ladyshapes, bags, mugs and assorted STUFF.  Plus many, many more types of shirt, jacket, hoodie, hat, top – and even undies (though who’d wear sweary knickers we cannot conceive).

So, here’s the plan, man.  To try and make enough money to pay Spreadshirt for a PRO Shop.  At that point WE can upload designs and have unique bespoke shirts created and sold online (all printed to order no less).  It *may* (and it’s a big may) be useful for studios and developers who want to promote either i) themselves or ii) a new game without the hassle of printing up huge numbers and shipping and discovering that 3XL is a real size, though not appropriate for humans and complaints that there are no female sizes and that no one wants the half dozen you decided to do in a delightful turquoise… and so on.

Go Shopping

Which also means you clever and talented people who have nice ideas and want fame and (a little bit of) fortune can point, proudly, to the shop and let the world know of your genius.  Plus, we will of course split the proceeds (in your favour, since you’re the clever and talented one).  If it’s popular, we may even instigate a sort of Threadless style regular vote on the most popular and/or tragic.

IN THE MEANTIME, please visit the shop, take a look and please let us know which shirts you like, which you don’t.  What works, other areas you think we should cover – or even your own ideas (which we’ll save for the PRO shop).

Many of the shirts have hidden elements.  Some have flock printing (mmmmh, fluffy), some actually GLOW-IN-THE-DARK (truly) and one (at the moment) has a super-secret hidden BACK PRINT.


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