WeeWorld Enters Liquidation – 19 Jobs Lost

WeeWorld_folioVery sad news from Glasgow today, with the BBC reporting that WeeWorld, the company behind the successful WeeMee avatar, social network and a growing number of apps has gone into liquidation.

According to news reports, 19 of the 30 staff have been made redundant and the liquidators are now looking for a buyer.

This is tremendously disheartening. WeeWorld began life as ‘Saw You’ in the very early 2000s. Before creating the WeeMee, the company focused on social networking in real world locations such as pubs, clubs, universities, gyms, etc.

However, it was after the company created the concept of the WeeMee a few years later that user interest grew rapidly. The company boasted over 60,000,000 WeeMees created and in recent years has launched a number of successful mobile games and apps for Apple and Android devices.

Straddling the border between games, apps an social media, WeeWorld pulled in a global audience. Focusing on younger users, the company carried out successful campaigns for brands, musicians and products including Justin Bieber.

We will of course follow the story and bring you any updates following the liquidation.

We’re genuinely upset to hear of the company’s difficulties and the staff affected. If there’s anything the Scottish Games Network can do to help, you know where we are…

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