077 - Dare ProtoPlay - 960x300Dare to be Digital, is looking for developers.

Dare’s Protoplay event, which takes place in central Dundee from 7th – 10th of August, will feature an indie games showcase, giving development studios the chance to demonstrate and give the event’s 10,000+ visitors a chance to play and enjoy their games.

All games are eligible, though new and as yet unreleased games will be given priority.

Due to popular demand from last year, Dare has separated the four day showcase into two two-day sections. Developers can choose:

  • Group A, which runs on the 7th and 8th of August, or
  • Group B which takes place on the 9th and 10th

The truly brave and daring can also apply for FULL attendance covering all four days, though depending on demand, this is not guaranteed.

ProtoPlay_ARThe opening hours for Dare are 10am to 6pm during the first three days.  The event closes at 2pm on Sunday 10 August.

It’s FREE to participate and attend the event. Applications are now OPEN. You can apply online.

As huge supporters of Dare to be Digital and participants in the last several ProtoPlay events, we’d recommend this to every developer, from part-time individuals to up-and-coming studios.

Register HERE.

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