BAFTA Scotland Masterclass – Axis Animation

BAFTA Scotland has created an animation masterclass featuring Axis Animation's Creative Director Stuart Aitken. The session will look at the creative processes behind successful projects such as Halo 4: Spartan Ops and the award-winning trailer for horror video game, Dead Island. According to Axis: A certified industry veteran with well over a decade of experience wrangling amazing visuals... Continue Reading →

OUT NOW – Can’t Save Dave

A new Glasgow-based development studio, Haywire Robot has released it's second title. Can't Save Dave is a space-based endless runner in which Dave's planet is invaded by an aggressive bipedal race in spacesuits, with blasters. Dave's not taking any chances. He's off.  He's going to leg it. With your help... Built for iOS, Can't Save Dave is... Continue Reading →

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