OUT NOW: Tap To Flap (iOS & Android)

iconAfter the incredulity, disbelief, shock, confusion, growing anger, dismissal, disdain, death threats and disappearance, followed by thousands upon thousands of words analysing and explaining away the unexpected success of Flappy Bird, the truth is that we still don’t know the truth.

We don’t know why the game succeeded like it did. Why, out of the millions of apps in the world, it above all others, rose to the top of global consciousness.  We don’t know what it means for the future of the games market. If the app markets are really that random and uninterested in what the games industry considers to be a ‘good’ game, then it makes professional games development a scary and uncertain place.

If you missed the Flappy Bird craze, or don’t fancy paying an opportunistic eBayer a cool $1500 for an iPhone with the original, then fear not. The games industry has your back.

logoThe team at Inceptional have launched Tap To Flap. Which brings together the famous aerodynamics of that splendid bird, the chicken and the lethal toxicity of the one-eyed desert cactus.

Priced at an entirely reasonable FREE, the game recreates the frantic flappy nature of it’s famous forebear. Swoop, dive, die, swear, restart. It’s all here, with added chicken/cock.

Image3If your friends or family missed the Flappy Bird furore, now’s your chance to educate, inform and entertain them.

Tap To Flap is OUT NOW for iOS and Android. It is free. It contains flapping.

Image4You can find Inceptional online, follow them on Facebook, or say hello on Twitter.

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