The DEMO SCENE – The Best New Digital Art You’ve Never Seen

EIFF-logo-reverse-rgb-540x362Tomorrow is the last day of the industry programme at the Edinburgh Film Festival 2013.  This year, for the first time, it’s had a number of sessions devoted to the interactive sector and ways in which digital media is fundamentally changing the creative world.

On Saturday 29th at 11am, the final event is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC and FREE!

Exploring the DEMO SCENE, the event will be presented by Paul Grenfell, demo expert and ex-member of Denki, who ‘s been a leading figure in the UK’s AteBit team on the demo scene for years now…

It promises to be a fascinating and highly unusual element of the festival and is, as far as we can tell, the first time anywhere in the world, that the demo scene has been included in a film festival.  Hell, even the game festivals haven’t done a whole lot with it…

You can register a ticket and come along for FREE by emailing:

Better yet, the Traverse has an excellent bar and free WiFi to ensure that networking, Tweeting and other online engagement can take place while you drink, dance and discuss the various ways in which digital media is fundamentally altering every aspect of the creative industries.

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