Winx Sirenix Power – Out Now For iOS And Android

Glasgow's Tsumanga Studios announced they were working with the female tween-focused license Winx at the start of 2013.  Now the company has released it's first title, Winx Sirenix Power, for both Android and iOS devices. If you're not a 9-13 year old girl, or don't have one in your immediate family, you may not have... Continue Reading →

DIY Marketing and PR For Indie Games

This is entirely wonderful.  I've been banging on about marketing and supporting your game for years now.  With what seems like little effect.  So it was a real pleasure to find an excellent piece, written by the very smart Kristina Seznec, about helping the team at Lucky Frame with their press and marketing.  You can... Continue Reading →

Siege Games – Little Shocks

If you've been paying attention over the last  week, you'll have spotted our latest, rather splendid banner, which comes from Siege Games, a new outfit in Dundee, founded by two former Abertay graduates - and a current student. The company is hard at work on a new title, Little Shocks, a game which challenges players... Continue Reading →

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