Name Hairy Dare

Let's say, hypothetically,  you were at technically-minded wizard of interactive wonder.  As all technically-minded wizards of interactive wonder, you have a ludicrously adorable little ball of fluff as a pet, confident and familiar.  It's cuter than an Aibo, simpler to look after and doesn't need to be fed oil and paper, or have it's switch... Continue Reading →

Want To Get Ahead? Get A Dapper Hat: Why Dare Matters…

Guest editorial from Dapper Hat Games' Ronan Quigley: Dapper Hat Games are a group of Abertay students who initially formed as a five person team consisting of Charlie McFadden, Stuart Martin, Nikita Bewley, Eilis Armstrong and Ronan Quigley for the purposes of applying to last year’s Dare to Be Digital competition, encompassing a mix of... Continue Reading →

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