Hunted Cow Announces Battle Dungeon

Battle Dungeon is a brand new multiplayer, turn-based strategy game, from the team at Hunted Cow. Battle Dungeon offers a level of depth and complexity normally associated with PC-based strategy games, but optimised and designed for the latest generation of iOS devices - iPads, iPhones and iPods. The game allows players to put together a... Continue Reading →

Word Crasher Blitz PLUS – Minus Adverts

Word Crasher, the game which manages to combine Scrabble, Tetris and dropping Mentos with all letters on, into Coke, has been revised, updated and ¬†polished to a mirror sheen by Edinburgh-based indie powerhouse and one man dynamo of Wonder, Pixels On Toast (aka Kevin Ng). Word Crasher now reflects the beauty and integrity of Kevin's... Continue Reading →

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