APB Hits 1.9.0

The latest update for online Cops & Robbers crimefest, APB: Reloaded was uploaded over the weekend, adding new content, items and activities to the MMO. A new Joker distribution centre has been added to the game, while entirely new activities (and levels of activities) have been added to  the game's Fight Club mode, giving players... Continue Reading →

The Most Awesome Games Event In The World. Ever.

It may seem like there's a LOT going on in August.  EIF is coming, Dare is rapidly Protoplying (yes, Protoplying) into something of real significance and now, the Turing Festival has a half day of interactive entertainment thought leaders, luminaries and speakers, all appearing in Edinburgh on the 23rd of August, for the astonishing price... Continue Reading →

Enter Competition, Win Nice Award. Or Die Alone

Dear game developers... The BAFTA In Scotland 2012 competition has less than one week to go before entries close. There is a dedicated games category. If you enter it, you could win a BAFTA. BAFTA winners are glamorous and successful and can tell everybody that they are BAFTA AWARD WINNERS. Winning is a good thing,... Continue Reading →

Dare ProtoPlay Indie Fest Programme Confirmed – Wow!

The summer of 2012 is shaping up to be rather busy.  We're not talking about the Olym-ic-, or the opportunity to be die of exposure at a picnic.  We're talking about the games goodness and the head-to-head smackdown taking place between the incumbent Edinburgh Interactive Festival and the plucky upstart of Dare Protoplay and it's... Continue Reading →

London. Games. (Will We Get Sued?)

The team at eeGeo has broken cover and has a product out - LIVE - on the market, which utilises their rather awesome mapping technology. Recce London is an interactive map, which does a lot of the usual things we've become accustomed to, thanks to Google.  Zooming, rotating, overlays showing local bars/restaurants/you name it... However,... Continue Reading →

Edinburgh Interactive Festival Programme

The final line-up for the 2012, tenth anniversary Edinburgh Interactive Festival has been announced.  It's a who's-who of significant industry experts and innovative interactive loveliness. This year's keynote speaker is Seamus Blackley, who's looking into “The Future of Fun”.  This promises to be an informative and insightful discourse regarding the future we are launched into, by... Continue Reading →

Post Core?

Denki's Managing Director, Colin Anderson has been busy.  He's posted a new blog on GamaSutra, outlining the company's plans and focus for the future. Not surprisingly, it's something a little unusual.  Well, it's Denki.  You'd be disappointed if it was first-person-shooters and bubble bursting games, right? Colin introduces the idea of 'post core' games.  Post... Continue Reading →

The Dark Knight Returns… To Dundee

What happens when some creative developers want to book tickets for the new Batman film?  Do they pick up the phone?  Of course not.  Do they perhaps go online?  Don't be silly. What clever and creative developers do is whip up an augmented reality app for their mobiles, which superimposes the classic Bat Signal over... Continue Reading →

UK Trade Mission To Japan

UK Trade & Investment is organising UK Play, a trade mission to Japan which will run alongside the Tokyo Game Show in September 2012. UKTI will use its extensive network of contacts in Japan to set up meetings and ensure participants get the chance to speak to the appropriate contacts and companies. Participants will receive... Continue Reading →

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