Tag Games Working On Might & Magic: Clash Of Heroes

Breaking news from Ubisoft reveals that Tag Games, still working furiously on their 6th birthday game jam, are also working on the mobile version of the RPG puzzle title Might & Magic: Clash Of Heroes. The game is coming out for iOS and Android.  The game is a port from the original DS title, created... Continue Reading →

BitSocket On TV?

Unless you're clinically dead, pathologically uninterested in games, or use the Internet exclusively for porn/lolcats, then you'll be aware of BitSocket.  They've picked up the mantle of the late and very much lamented Consolevania, producing online news, reviews and games coverage. Now the BitSocket team may - and we're going to repeat that in a... Continue Reading →

Games Analytics Shifts Into Top Gear

Games Analytics, Edinburgh's data delving wizards, have been signed by BBC Worldwide to support the new Top Gear: Stunt School Revolution mobile game. Games Analytics has integrated their Predict technology into the game and is already improving player engagement for the free-to-play title.  The game experience for different players has been optimised and redesign of... Continue Reading →

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