EIF – Pitch A Game, Impress A Dragon, Get In Free

A week or so back, we mentioned that this year’s Edinburgh Interactive Festival would feature a session called Thare Be Dragons, in which young, hopeful, aspiring game developers would pitch ideas to a panel of industry heavyweights, mavens and Simon Cowell-esque judges, in an effort to win the approbation and a bucket of free (pretend) money.

EIF has now upped its game (do you see what we did there?) and is offering successful developers free tickets to the whole EIF event, should your concept be chosen as a potential pitch prospect.

Go on, this could lead to big things.  Your name in lights.  Your game in lights.  Your game in Game.  Your name in your game.  A happy dragon.  Free tickets.  Hobnobbing with bigwigs.  Fame.  Fortune.  Fabulousness.

Submit.  Now.  Go on.  Submit.

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