Golf Squared – Out Now For iOS

Golf Squared is the latest iOS title from the team at Dynamo Games.  A radical 'punk' reinterpretation of Scotland's most royal, ancient, soporific and knitwear-enhancing sport, Golf Squared challenges players to knock a wee ball through a lush cartoon landscape. Square Golfers must avoid deadly cartoon peril, achieve near zen-like oneness with the ball and... Continue Reading →

Red Menace Threatens Scottish Gamers

The chances are that you've not come across GameVial before.  We're a fairly clued up and expert sort of channel and we were stunned, staggered and bewildered to sit next to them at the Cross Party Group on Videogames Technology and discover a whole new studio, right under our noses.  It was exactly the sort... Continue Reading →

BBC In Dundee – Games Special

For a recent episode of Show Me The Money, the BBC sent reporter the excellently-named-for-a-lead-action-hero, Jack Garland to Dundee to ponder the ongoing evolution of the games sector. Mr Garland mentions the collapse of RTW (again), before moving thoughtfully onwards to the rise of casual, social and mobile gaming. Digital Goldfish are shown, strolling, like... Continue Reading →

BAFTA In Scotland Needs YOU

Regular readers of industry bible, will know that we're fans of BAFTA In Scotland.  They're a good bunch, who do much to support the screen industries in Scotland and who are genuinely trying to incorporate more interactive and games content into their programme, as well as building up membership in the games sector. Membership... Continue Reading →

Engage Invest Exploit 2013

Engage Invest Exploit is an event run by Edinburgh University's globally respected School of Informatics, which offers start-up companies the opportunity to showcase their work to an audience of investors, business experts (and your editor, since the rest of the media gives not a fig). It's an event which is often overlooked and tends to... Continue Reading →


We've just updated our JOBS page.  Guess what we need?  That's right.  Vacancies, opportunities, internships.  Mail us with... The position vacant A description of said vacancy Your logo The recruitment page on your website Bit of background on your company And we'll get something up asafp. Here's a thought - try to be interesting, clever,... Continue Reading →

The Masques – Voiceovers, Narration, Characters, Tutorials & Awesome

A huge thanks to the team at The Masques for our recent banner.  The Masques is a casting agency based in Edinburgh, which works with a wide range of actors (proper actors from film and TV).  They also do a lot of corporate work, providing talented people who can do voices and act in other... Continue Reading →

All Change…

So you may have noticed the new theme on the site.  It's the first step in the ongoing evolution of the site as a force for all that is good and right and true in the rapidly evolving wide, wide world o' games. NOW for the FIRST TIME EVER you can find all of... Continue Reading →

The UK’s Favourite Designer

OK, it's a subjective question.  Who is the best designer in the UK?  Now the team at Zappar have helped answer that question with their new project. Hot on the heels of working with supermodel Solenn Heussaff and some ice cream; a couple of the world's biggest wrestling stars, classic english literature, reinventing greetings cards... Continue Reading →

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