Jamming 4 Small Change – Games Jam For Good

The team behind the Scottish Game Jam is back, with a new event and a new opportunity to create innovative games, but this time it's for a cause even more worthy than 'fun'. Jamming 4 Small Change is focused on the lives of young carers and incorporates them into the whole development process.  Children -... Continue Reading →

CereProc Partners With Fanchinima For Animation Toolkit.

CereProc, the speech synthesis company based in Edinburgh has signed a deal with Sweden's Fanchinima and the KTN Centre For Speech Technology, to create a new toolkit for film makers, allowing the creation of advanced animation and virtual movies. Fanchinima is a technology company which is producing tools to allow film makers to create animated... Continue Reading →

A Pocket Full Of Wee – Games, Gab & Griffins

Not many people would define WeeWorld as a games company.  As an actual developer and publisher in its own right.  A social network, surely.  An entertainment company definitely, but a games company?  Well, yes.  The ongoing evolution of digital media, the spread of apps to multiple devices and in increasing focus on fun and games... Continue Reading →

China Joy 2012 – Scottish Games Industry Opportunity

You've done GDC.  You're a veteran of E3 (and remember fondly its days in Atlanta).  You've done GamesCom, EIF and even Game In Scotland.  You are, in short a global organisation in good standing. Now it's time to take things to a whole new market.  China Joy is the leading games event for the rapidly evolving... Continue Reading →

WeeWorld – Studio Profile

WeeWorld has been around on the periphery of the games industry, for several years now. Yet while many people recognise the company, it has evolved hugely since it was founded and is now working at the cutting edge of interactive entertainment. So. In a nutshell: WeeWorld creates 'visually distinctive and deeply engaging web, iOS and... Continue Reading →

Coming Soon… WeeWorld Week

The first ever week-long focus on an innovative interactive company based in Scotland kicks off later today with WeeWorld. Thanks to the art team for the spiffy new banner gracing the top of the blog.  Watch this space for much more info.  Coming soon....

It Was 30 Years Ago TODAY – The ZX Spectrum – Dundee’s Second Favourite Export

Originally  released on 23/04/1982, the Sinclair ZX Spectrum was arguably (very arguably) the machine which inspired the home computer revolution in the UK and inspired a generation of owners to start making games. Even Google is getting in on the act with a clever dual Google Doodle, celebrating St George's Day, PLUS the far more... Continue Reading →

New Breed Part 1 – New Update For APB: Reloaded

APB: Reloaded is the new free-to-play incarnation of APB, the action-based MMO released by Realtime Worlds shortly before its demise in 2010. The game was acquired by US-based Gamers First and ongoing development was put into the hands of Reloaded Productions, now located in Edinburgh. APB: Reloaded was released towards the end of 2011 and... Continue Reading →

New From Digital Goldfish

The loveable scamps and Digital Goldfish have a slew of new titles heading for the iOS market, with The World's Strongest Man out now and the adorably titled Chip Trippington And The Kwiff Frizz Quiz coming soon. The World's Strongest Man is a licensed game, based upon the gentleman of the same description.  A mighty fellow, he... Continue Reading →

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