Survey – Grown Up Gaming

It's request time, readers.  Anthony Reynolds from Glasgow University is looking for people to help his research into gaming culture and mature content in videogames.  It's not another survey into violent games = violent behaviour.  Rather he's looking for input from gamers to help shape the research itself. If you can spare 10 minutes at... Continue Reading →

Sic Transit Gloria TEAM – Consolevania Remembered

Because it's important, dammit...  A misty-eyed Cara Ellison from Square-Go interviews a steely-eyed and chiselled Robert Florence on the legacy of Consolevania. If you're not familiar with the Consolevania 'thing', well, you should be.  Thankfully you can now download all of them (including the inspirationally Scotland-heavy Fluff piece) from iTunes. Go read the piece, watch... Continue Reading →

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