Bigpoint Signs Deal With GamesAnalytics

Edinburgh's Games Analytics have signed a deal with Bigpoint, the German-based online games publisher.  The deal will integrate Games Analytic's Predict platform into Bigpoint's games. This will allow Bigpoint to analyse and predict user behaviour.  They can use this information to enhance the user experience, personalise games and increase retention rates and revenues. Games Analytics... Continue Reading →

Relaunch: Digital Goldfish Online!

Everyone's favourite tangerine coloured, mobile game type, non-analogue, low maintenance, pet themed development studio, Digital Goldfish has had quite a good couple of years, thank you.  The company's work on the massively popular Bloons franchise has gone from strength to strength, while DG's original content and other branded games have also started to gain traction... Continue Reading →

Scottish Companies Attend Mobile World Congress

The Courier has helpfully pointed out that several Scottish companies are attending the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week.   It just lists the ones from Dundee and Fife however. Outplay, Tag, YoYo and Zendit are all highlighted, though there are 21 Scottish companies attending the event. From The Courier: A contingent of 21... Continue Reading →

Coming Soon – JACKED – The Unauthorised Behind The Scenes Story Of Grand Theft Auto

JACKED is the new book from journalist and author David Kushner (Masters Of Doom) looking at the development of the Grand Theft Auto series.  Mr Kushner promises to go behind the scenes of the insanely popular series and look at those responsible for making the game happen. We're excited, we won't lie.  Not least because... Continue Reading →

Coming Soon – Cult Leader

There's a new team in town - and they're refined, elegant and every inch the sort of gentlemen we need in this hectic, hurly-burly world of videogaming larks.   Two Monocle Games is a new studio focusing on the creation of social games for networks including the current market leader, Facebook, as well as up-and-coming... Continue Reading →

World Exclusive – Cobra’s Super Secret New Game – iBomber Defense Pacific

The team at Cobra teased and tantalised us a couple of weeks ago with some mysterious artwork (as shown above) from a new project they have in production. Scottishgames is very proud to announce, exclusively (seriously.  We're the first anywhere) that the artwork in question is for the sequel to Cobra's ridiculously addictive tower defence... Continue Reading →

Out Now – Word Trick For iOS

Word Trick, Outplay Entertainment's first title for Apple iOS is now live on the App Store in the US, UK, Canada and Europe.  The game is new take on the classic board game formula.  Players take it in turns to make the highest scoring words they can from a selection of eight letters. The board... Continue Reading →

Coming Soon – Gears Of Glory

Gears of Glory: Apex Ace is the brand new, inaugural game from Domipheus Labs (which is a side-project from the rather splendid Colin Riley.  Technical gee-whizard and all round good guy). It's a top-down racing game in which perfection and total control is rewarded.  The game will feature multiple tracks, achievements and multiplayer options, ensuring every... Continue Reading →

Codeplay Nominated For Scottish Business Award

Codeplay is one of the games industry's more mysterious companies.  You may have heard the name, but few people can state with confidence what the company actually does. Which is a shame because Codeplay is one of the most technically sophisticated companies in the industry and has been pushing the outer limits of the cutting... Continue Reading →

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