Quarrel Finally Heading To Xbox Live – Includes Multiplayer – Millions Make Merry

Quarrel, the highly regarded word game from Denki hit the iOS market towards the end of 2011.  It proved quite popular with critics and players.  It was awarded excellent scores and hit several ‘game of the year’ round ups.  And scored a BAFTA.

Now Quarrel is coming to Xbox.  The game’s original incarnation will finally hit Xbox Live Arcade on January 25th 2012.  It will cost 400 Microsoft points but, critically, it will include the most requested feature for the iOS version – multiplayer games.

Players will be able to compete against other real-life friends and contacts in nail-biting, lexicographically stimulating challenge of wits and words (and strategic planning).

It’s fun.  It’s fast.  It’s fabulous.  Just go buy it and support good games.

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