Cobra Tantalises With Coming Soon Creative

Whatever will they think of next?  Cobra has started promoting a forthcoming game - BEFORE IT'S EVEN RELEASED! Their so-called promotion will be looked upon by the wider industry with the greatest disapprobation and their concept will be stolen, pirated and released upon the lawless streets of the world before they can draw breath. Will... Continue Reading →

Data Driven Analytics – What Social Games Do

The team at Huzutech in Glasgow posted a fascinating piece on the use of data analysis and metrics in the social gaming space on their blog last week. We checked it was OK to re-post the piece here and present, for your pleasure and delight, Huzutech on social gaming and designing by data analysis... You... Continue Reading →

Tag’s Funpark Friends Nominated In International Mobile Games Awards

Tag's first title for its casual/social TagPlay label, Funpark Friends, has been nominated in the Best Social Games category in the 2012 International Mobile Games Awards, which are announced that the Mobile World Congress, which takes place in Barcelona at the end of February. Congratulations to the team and we'll all keep our fingers crossed... Continue Reading →

Abertay Students Bag Big Bada Boom!

A team from Dundee's Abertay University has picked up first prize in the Samsung bada Student Developer Challenge.  The competition challenged teams of students to create new games for Samsung's app store - starting with a gruelling 24 hour game jam. Tom DeMajo, Erin Michno and Ian Reynolds, collectively known as Quartic Llama, built Moeba,... Continue Reading →

Quarrel Vs The Games Industry.

Reproduced in whole, thanks to it being pretty much awesome.  A celebration and a challenge.  After the entire games industry told Denki that Quarrel wouldn't work on console - can we make it a hit?  They deserve it, it's a damn fine game.  Throw your weight behind this, please.  Buy it, share it, tell people... Continue Reading →

BAFTA New Talent Awards – Students/New Developers – Last Chance!

Students, new developers, indie studios, you have a few days left to enter a game in the NEW TALENT Awards.  This is a great competition.  It recognises creativity and new and up and coming game creators.  It needs your input... If you're working on, or have just released your FIRST game, you should qualify for... Continue Reading →

Out Now – Guinness Word Records 2012 – Gamers Edition

The 2012 Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition has just been released and this year several members of official chums, Glasgow-based Ready Up were commissioned by Guinness as consultants. Dan Bendon researched and penned the Fighting game section, while Kirsten Kearney covered shooters and John Brown took on the Driving games section. According to Dan,... Continue Reading →

What’s Hot & Wet & Steamy?

A lovely cup of tea, obviously.  Which is the main component of Cobra's dreamy Storm In A Teacup, which is now available on Steam to download for your PC or Mac. If you've not come across the game before, it's a charming, whimsical and slightly surreal platformer in which a young lap in a teacup... Continue Reading →

STV Gazes Into The Future – Of Games!

The local chapter of STV popped into the Dundee HQ of Outplay Entertainment earlier this week to take a look at what the company's working on and ponder the ongoing evolution of the games business. Superstar reporter Holly Hamilton spoke to senior producer Tone Brennan and a handsome passerby to ask how the industry has... Continue Reading →

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