Chunk & Casual Games Mentioned In Today’s SUN

The good news keeps on coming today.  Glasgow's Chunk Games has been featured in today's SUN, in a feature on the rise of casual games and how a game is actually put together. Chunk has even built a flash game for readers to try, in which the infamous Sun Bus, makes it way through Paris,... Continue Reading →

Free Windows Phone 7 Workshop – Dundee – Saturday

Late breaking news time.  There's a FREE Windows Phone 7 workshop taking place in Dundee tomorrow (Saturday 18th June).  It's aimed at developers, students and Dare teams, but space is limited.  So if you're interested, sign up NOW. Here are the facts: Featured Products/Topics: Windows Phone , Visual Studio 2010, Silverlight, Expression Studio, Expression Blend Recommended... Continue Reading →

4J Studios To Create Minecraft for Xbox Live

While there's been nothing officially 'official' word crept out via the social networks yesterday that Dundee's 4J Studios will be responsible for bringing indie games phenomenon Minecraft, to Xbox Live Arcade. A Facebook update from one of the studio heads yesterday, stated: "Delighted to announce 4J Studios is developing Minecraft for XBLA. Respect to Notch... Continue Reading →

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