Guest Editorial: +AsDesigned Games – From There To Here

+AsDesigned Games was formed in 2010 by several former Realtime Worlds employees; the small team was formed after the well publicised and unfortunate demise of the Dundee developer. The +ADG team consisted of a few former QA testers who simply wanted to create some fun games and boost their portfolios/CVs at the same time. After... Continue Reading →

Cobra Launches iBomber Defence On Mac Store

Dundee's Cobra launched a tower defense (yes, with the American spelling) title in its hugely successful iBomber franchise, for the iPhone and iPad in late 2010, where it quickly proved just as popular as its predecessors. iBomber Defense offers all of the classic elements of a tower defense game.  Players must place different types of weapon... Continue Reading →

CONPULSION – Games Con, Edinburgh, This Weekend

Direct from Scottishgames partner SQUARE-GO.COM: Conpulsion is Scotland's premier games convention and has been running under that name for the past 15 years but has existed in various forms for the past 25, acting as a community hub for Scottish gamers and visitors from across the world. At its roots, Conpulsion is predominately concerned with... Continue Reading →

Introducing Euphonious

Euphonious is a new company, headquartered in Dundee, created by industry veteran and long-time audio geek Raymond Usher, formerly of Realtime Worlds, Rockstar North and DMA Design. Euphonious is offering a comprehensive range of audio services to digital, broadcast, animation and of course, interactive companies. From sound effect creation to music composition, licensing, direction and... Continue Reading →

Dare To Be Documentary Airs This Weekend

At last year's Dare to be Digital competition and ProtoPlay event, visitors and competitors were carefully followed by a dedicated camera crew from HeadLight Scotland, who were on site to carefully record and capture the whole experience. Now, all of their hard work can be seen on national TV, when the three-part series runs on... Continue Reading →

Reloaded Productions Opens Its Doors

The team behind the forthcoming relaunch of APB: Reloaded has set up shop in central Edinburgh (in the former VIS offices we hear).  Reloaded Productions is headed by Michael Boniface, who worked on the game as part of the team at Realtime Worlds. APB was acquired by in early 2011 and is being remodelled into... Continue Reading →

Nicholas Lovell – Self-Publishing Masterclass – Glasgow

The games industry is changing and evolving very rapidly right now.  New platforms, new routes to market, new business models, new consumers all mean new opportunities for development studios.  Finding new ways of doing business, or identifying these new opportunities can be difficult, when the industry is changing around you, which can leave some developers... Continue Reading →

Denki Is 11

Despite a fairly rough 2010, Denki, Scotland's smiliest, shiniest games studio has officially hit 11 years old.  As is traditional, they made a cake.  No word on the presence of Jelly and/or ice cream, but we're fairly sure there would have been games, party hats and twinkles. We'd like to wish Denki many happy returns... Continue Reading →

BAFTA Video Games Awards: The Missing Category

Today is the BAFTA Video Games Awards (tune in online at 8.45pm), or BAVGAs if you prefer. I wish all the nominees in all the categories the very best, particularly the Ones to Watch category which is connected to Scotland's very own Dare to be Digital competition. It's great that BAFTA are supporting an industry... Continue Reading →

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