Global Game Jam – Underway And Winning…

The Scottish arm of the global games jam is GO. And is... progressing?  Keep up to date with the latest from the competition here.

Tiger Games Releases Denki Blocks! For PSP In Europe

Tiger Games, the development studio created by Jamie Bryan (DMA, VIS, Tag) and Graeme Laws (DMA, DC, Denki and many more as a freelance) has just released a brand new version of Denki Blocks! for PSP through the PlayStation network in Europe. Promising over a hundred new levels, revised and refined controls, unlockable secrets and... Continue Reading →

FPS Trainer Heading For First 10,000 Users

Online games coaching FPS Trainer is heading for 10,000 users, just in time for its live tournament at the end of this week, at the Glasgow arm of the Global Games Jam (you may have noticed their lovely banner gracing the site this week...) The company is offering a prize for the 10,000th registered use,... Continue Reading →

Dare to be Digital 2011 – Open For Entries

The 2011 Dare to be Digital competition is now open for entries.  The competition is open to students from any university or college of art, either complete teams of five, or individuals willing to join a team. It's no secret that is a HUGE fan of the competition.  It's a unique opportunity for teams... Continue Reading →

Tealy & Orangey – dual control puzzle fun – PLAY IT

Tealy & Orangey is a brand new online game from, aka Freakyzoid, aka Mr Anthony Gowland. Written in about seven days, as a bit of an exercise to practice Flash and Flixel, Tealy and Orangey is a platformer with a twist.  You control two blobs - one teal and one orange (those colours are... Continue Reading →

Architecture & Design In Scotland Seeks Game Designers/Developers

Scottish Architecture & Design is looking for game designers/developers who can help them to create online games for the organisation's website.  The designer can be an individual or part of a larger organisation.  The only information about the game/s notes: "Content of the games will be developed by A+DS with technical advice from the appointed... Continue Reading →

Games Consortium – Developer Driven Publisher

The meeting which took place at the DCA in Dundee on Friday, drew in representatives from many of Scotland's game studios. Organised by NESTA, the meeting outlined the concept for the creation of a new games publisher, in which a number of developers have equity. NESTA itself would 'prime the pump' with a significant injection... Continue Reading →

Ruffian Recruiting – Reveals(?) Two New Projects

Exciting!  High Action!  Visceral!  Online! According to Ruffian's latest blog post, the company is already hard at work, with the follow up to Crackdown 2, the company's first release, which was released back in July 2010. Ruffian is now advertising a number of engineering roles to work on two, as yet undisclosed projects which promise... Continue Reading →

Hunted Cow Profiled In Aberdeen Press & Journal

You might not have come across Hunted Cow before now.  The studio is based up in the frozen north of Elgin and works mainly upon browser-based MMO games, including Fallen Sword, SigmaStorm II and Gothador. The company recently picked up an exporter of the year award from the Moray Chamber of Commerce and has now... Continue Reading →

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